Alongside the Open Close art installation project the Open Close Collective have been developing an online survey titled‘Open Close: Exploring the Value of Urban Space’. The survey has been designed around the idea of exploring people’s emotional experience of the built environment and how creative use of space can transform that experience. Created in partnership with St Andrews University, the survey will gather responses and compile research on people’s emotional experiences of the spaces before, during and after the exhibition has been launched. An online photo upload and short questionnaire which will remain live for the duration of the project, it centres around examining the socio-emotional value of the built environment in four Closes (Carrubbers Close, North Grey's Close, Chalmers Close and Trunks Close) and by running both before, during and after the exhibition period will enable St Andrews University and Open Close to examine the impact that the creative transformation of the closes has on the imaginations of the people who inhabit them.

We invite you to take part in building a picture of what these spaces mean to you and how you experience them. You can also view a gallery of the photos submitted and the experiences and emotions noted by following the Take Part link below.

This survey has been developed with the support of Edinburgh World Heritage, City of Edinburgh Council and Smarter Choices Smarter Places.

Follow the simple steps to upload your photo to our project archive. You will also be asked to indicate, from a short list of words, how the space makes you feel. This will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time. We do not ask for any personal identifying information and the information you provide will be anonymous. You are free to omit any question. We believe there are no known risks associated with this research study, and to the best of our ability the data will remain confidential; however, to minimise the risk of a breach the website and database are security protected.