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Tamsin Cunningham & David Lemm

At the threshold of Chalmers Close with the Royal Mile, three new ciphers join the clustering of signs pointing the way to the offerings of the Close. These new signs act as wayfinders to the hidden and overlooked details of the Close; the scribbles in the margins. We often find our way in the city through reference to landmarks and we invest such monuments with power and prestige. But the details noticed along the way can be just as important; the texture of a wall, a sudden change in sound, a hidden relic, a framed view; threading our memories of routes found with the close stitch of the city.

Each sign is compositionally informed by the windows which dominate and look into the Close, and reference the funnelling of vision created by the architecture of the Closes - where we are drawn to find compelling compositions in the otherwise overlooked.

Produced in monotone, the works are inspired in part by the Brass Rubbing Centre in Trinity Apse and aesthetically borrow from the stained glass windows of Carrubber’s Cafe. Exposed silk screen meshes act as a canvas for the compositions, directly referencing the printing heritage of the area.